Applicant Information
Educational Background

If you have graduated from high school, please provide the school name and county.

By submitting this scholarship application, I agree to:

  • Participate in a Nebraska-based internship, apprenticeship, clinical position or employment in the field of study prior to my final term of my program of study.
  • Inform the Scholarship Coordinator at NCSP@southeast.edu if I change my major or risk losing my scholarship.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  • Maintain an adequate enrollment pace that will enable completion of my program of study within three years, in accordance with my educational plan.

By submitting this scholarship application, I affirm that:

  • I will live in Nebraska while receiving the Nebraska Career Scholarship.
  • I am either a first-time student or a transfer student enrolling at SCC.
  • If I am a transfer student, I have not earned a post-secondary credential and I am transferring my enrollment to SCC from my previous institution with continuous enrollment.
  • If I am a first-time student, I have not been previously enrolled in a post-secondary institution in the past three years.
  • I have not previously earned a post-secondary credential, such as a certificate, diploma, Associate degree, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or Ph.D
  • I understand that SCC will report information to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development each year. This report will include the following information on each scholarship recipient: name; address; email address; program of study; program of study category; program of study credit status; the certificate/diploma/degree awarded; how the student met initial eligibility; date of program completion; whether they completed the program on time; a short description of their career-related work experience; their enrollment status and scholarship amounts per term; and year 2 enrollment and scholarship status. The college must also retain this information for a minimum of five years after the scholarship recipient completes the program.
  • The Nebraska Department of Economic Development may collaborate with the Nebraska Department of Labor to track scholarship recipient employment in Nebraska. In all cases, DED will not share sensitive personally identifiable information and reporting will be provided in aggregate form.

If you do not agree, the application will not be processed.